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Lindsey Raymond (b. 1995) is an emerging young artist currently in her final year of study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT, Cape Town. Although specialising in sculpture, her work extends across media.

Her intimate relationship with materiality and textural surfaces; preoccupation with bodily and sensory experiences and use of abstraction and language are central to her work.  

Her primary theoretical interests are feminist and queer art practices, performances, aesthetics and futures/non-futures.

Her exploration of the making/unmaking and becoming/unbecoming of objects is used as the language in which she explores queer particularities. In doing this, she reflects on alternative ways of positioning identities in art; through more ambiguous, exciting, confusing and complex ways.

Her art resists being boring, of falling into the tropes of feminist and queer art; of being constructed/constricted by personal narrative and history and of seeking to be 'Subject'.

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Queer object-positioning & Plastic non-fUtures

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Feminist art praxis

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